Most Useful Tool

MAIDENS is a music generation software which produces highly listenable and usable music.

If you write music, you’ll find invaluable the help of such a computer software that is able to kick-start your next composition in minutes, by giving you tons of fresh music structures to adapt, choose, and inspire from.

Your Diligent Scrivener

If you’re a seasoned composer, you probably learned that the most part of good music is rather hard work than fulgurant inspiration. Finding a great theme or musical idea is a snap to some, a struggle to others, but is, by no mean, the guarantee of an exceptional piece. Nor is it — truth be told — the sine qua non condition for it. Just to use a classical example, Beethoven’s music abounds on beautifully crafted music that is actually built around modest melodies. It is the astonishing work around them that turned that melody into a masterpiece. I’ll say it again: it is work, not inspiration, that builds successful music. There are tons of great musical ideas out there that didn’t make it to the music history books, just because the composer didn’t knew how to make out the most from them. Or didn’t care to. Or just, the effort was too overwhelming.

And this is just what MAIDENS aims for: to work for you. With a properly crafted chain of generators, MAIDEN will create for you, in minutes, tons of musical structures you can start from, adapt from, or just pick from if you feel they sound good enough to you. It’s the boiler plate of music that MAIDENS deals with, if you want. Those — somewhat mechanical — structures of your music, which provide it foundation, form, consistency and semantic meaning.

You get these in minutes; while this should be enough to get your attention, just in case it isn’t, consider also that you needn’t be an expert in computing to use MAIDENS; nor do you need to learn a programming language: just clicking buttons and dragging sliders (as you most definitely already did on the Internet, by now) will do.

MAIDENS - generic view

Your Algorithmic Muse

Or maybe you’re just after that unique, novel and unheard sounding your sophisticated avant-garde composition is missing. Why not let MAIDENS give it a shot? It’s undoubtful that a machine is closer to abstract formulae and processes than a human, and if you have a history with bringing those into your music, then MAIDENS should definitely be your first stop. And it’s a friendly software too: won’t eat your time, nor patience.

Your Scholastic Supervisor

Even if you’re firm on your feet and totally fine with pencil-drawing every single notehead on your score, wouldn’t you feel safe to know that you didn’t accidentally dropped a wrong note somewhere in your score? Isn’t that choral’s harmony breaking your thoroughly crafted modal scales? Is that parallel passage really parallel? Is that oboe in section two going to actually be heard by anyone?

Well then, get the proper analysis generator into MAIDEN, and let it generate educated answers to all of your questions. It couldn’t be easier, nor could it be more effective.

No mater your specific needs, MAIDENS probably has a solution for you. So, you should give it a try today. If you’re a serious composer, I know you will.

Note: this is a concept article, covering all MAIDENS planned features. Consult the roadmap to know exactly whether a specific feature is currently available or not.