Version 1.2.311 beta, released on February 25, 2014

128 Mb, DMG installer image

This page provides information and download links for the latest release of the MAIDENS base application, the Macintosh version. If you need to review an older release, please head to the Macintosh releases feed. If you need to download an older release, please submit a request.

It gives us a great deal of pleasure to announce you the immediate availability of MAIDENS version 1.2.311 for Mac OSX. Released on February 25, 2014, this is the first public version of the beta release cycle.

This is mainly a development release, meaning that most entries in its change log are feature additions rather than bug fixes or optimizations. Also, most of the changes in this version are platform-independent, and are shared by the Windows version too.

The complete change log follows:

  • Fixed: the score did not playback on Mac OSX machines that did not have Fluidsynth installed.
  • Fixed: out of range (generated) octave indices caused the program to hang.
  • Fixed: new lines and special chars in the “custom notes” field of the Program panel caused the score to disappear.
  • Fixed: instrument “Synthesizer”, while added to the score, wasn’t showing.
  • Fixed: the graphic on the main interface panel wasn’t correctly adapting to the window size.
  • Change: re-engineered the prompts messaging system (almost) from scratch. Now, you can control when an auto-closing message will go away, or force it to stay on screen indefinitely. Also, now it correctly follows the window dimensions. Also, sensibly improved spacing.
  • Change: removed the instruments MAIDENS does not use from the sound fonts bank (saved about 50 Mb of distribution package size on both platforms).
  • Change: now MAIDENS plays back the score using the appropriate timbre for each instrument.
  • Change: completely removed the flicker when score is redrawn. Also, the scroll bars do not reset position anymore upon each edit, and zooming the score in or out yields dramatically improved results. There is now also a function for zooming the score automatically so that it fits the view port.
  • Change: the music produced by “AtonalLine” now fits the range of the current instrument automatically. If generating into several, different instruments at once, the generated music will automatically transpose and shrink to adapt each one.
  • Change: the default (empty) score MAIDENS starts with can now be customized at will. Just create an empty score as you see fit fr your needs and save it over the “assets/content/default.maid” in MAIDENS installation directory. You can also delete this file and build everything from scratch.
  • Change: entering a note now preserves the last entered pitch, if possible.
  • Change: creating a cluster now replicates the last entered duration and division type, if possible. If the last cluster you created contained notes, or if you just added one or several notes to an empty cluster, the next cluster you will create will have a note added automatically.
  • Change: creating a measure (either explicitly or as the result of adding a new part to a non-empty score) now automatically creates a default voice inside it.
  • Change: implemented groups (braces and brackets) for instruments that use them. The barlines also break before and after the group, to better emphasize it.
  • Change: adding a part to an empty score now also adds an empty measure to it (because an empty part does not show up in the music sheet, and this was confusing).
  • Change: switched to a chrome-less main window, which brings the Windows and Macintosh versions closer to each other.