Generating & Exporting Music

This article somewhat assumes the Windows version of MAIDENS; however, the Macintosh version works identically. We will focus on a very basic workflow: using a blank project, add a generator, generate some music (using default configuration), export it to MIDI, save the project, then close.

There is also a screencast of this tutorial available.

Adding a Generator

  1. Open the MAIDENS application; in the tree on the left side of the main interface, expand the Projects node, then locate Generators.
  2. Using the plus (`+`) button found to the bottom of the tree, add a new generator node under Generators. Once added, its editor panel, titled Generator, opens.
  3. Under Binding, locate and click on the combo box that reads Select a generator. Select the AtonalLine.mgen entry from the list; a green confirmation message should slide-in from the bottom, and then slide-out.
  4. Under Output connections, locate and click the button which displays an ellipsis (`…`). A new window opens. In the new window, locate and click the right-hand element which displays a chain link, followed by`1`.  Once selected, a new button with a left-pointing arrow becomes active. Click it, and then Apply, to dismiss the new window.
  5. You will see your newly added element showing in the list underneath Output connections. Click Apply again (in the editor panel).

Generating Music

  1. You will observe the Generate, Configure…, and Info… link-buttons becoming active. Click Generate. A blue, generator specific message will slide from the bottom, and stay on screen as MAIDENS generates music.
  2. Once process completes, the generated music shows on screen. You can audition it using the play button under the score area. You can repeat steps 6 and 7 until you find a generated music that suits you.

Export & Save

  1. From the menu, choose Project » Export » To MIDI file… . This will open MAIDEN’s file browser in your Documents directory. Type Tutorial 1 for the file name (next to Selection:), and then click OK to dismiss the file browser and save the file. A green confirmation message will slide in from the bottom.
  2. From the menu, choose File » Save; this opens again the file browser. Type Tutorial 1 for the file name again (observe that `*.maid` is automatically added now for the file name, instead of `*.mid`). Click OK to save.
  3. Close the application, by either its `x` button or menu entry.


If you navigate now in your Documents directory, you will find file Tutorial 1.mid, which you can playback or edit with your default MIDI player/editor, and file Tutorial 1.maid, which you can open back in MAIDENS.

MAIDENS uses its own, custom file browser. It is a three-panel browser, with its first panel displaying only folders, the second only files, and the third, information about the current selection. All files and folders on display are children of the directory whose path is displayed in the Location: field. You navigate into a folder by double clicking its icon; and you return to its parent by clicking the Parent Folder button (depicted by a left and up pointing arrow,  next to Folders). You choose a file or folder by selecting it with your mouse, an then clicking the OK button.