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Call for Contributions

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We currently seek funding for a full year of dedicated development. This is meant to bring the existing beta to the fully functional, commercial application. We started a crowdsourcing campaign on Indiegogo, to raise 15,000 Euros until the 21st of September 2014. Please contribute now! Any sum can make a difference. Help funding our next major development iteration of MAIDENS, and you gain lifetime discount coupons for all the commercial music generators we will launch. Discounts range from 2% to 100%, based on your contribution amount. The...

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Blueprints for Version 1.0

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Status Quo At the time of writing this article (august 2014), an early beta version of the MAIDENS software is publicly available, for both Windows and Mac OSX. It comprises the base application and one (built-in) module. The base application is able to create, edit, render and play back a musical score, as well as export it into MIDI, PDF, WAV and ABC formats. The module, namely the Atonal Line generator, is able to produce melodic lines, based on an array of selected durations, intervals, and pitch profiles. The music thus created resembles...

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The Project Hierarchy

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MAIDENS organizes your work in autonomous units, named projects. Conceptually, a project is somewhat like a musical opus. It assembles your musical score’s sections, and the additional assets you might be using — in our case, these translate to bound generators (read more about binding generators). The project has a fixed hierarchic structure. Some members in this hierarchy are recipients that can be populated, some are end-points to specific configurations, and some are neither (they exist just for grouping purposes). The diagram and...

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The File Navigator

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MAIDENS uses its own, custom, three-panel file browser. First panel displays only folders, the second one only files, and the third, information about the current selection. All files and folders on display are children of the same directory; its path is visible in the Location field. You navigate into a folder by double-clicking that folder’s icon; you return to its parent with the parent folder button (a left-and-up pointing arrow). You choose a file or folder by clicking (once) on its icon. And you confirm your selection using the OK...

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The Editor and Editable Items

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The Editor control supplies a space for specific parameter sets to load. It is linked to the tree, and gets updated when elements are selected there. The panel has two standard buttons to the bottom: Apply and Reset. They show regardless of the specific set loaded, and save, respectively discard your changes. These buttons activate themselves once you bring any modification to the set. If this happens, you must click either Apply or Reset, in order to be able to edit another element in the tree. Below is a rundown of settings you can amend,...

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Getting to Know the User Interface

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MAIDENS is a music generation software. This is, by some orders of magnitude, more sophisticated than it sounds. Hundreds of intricate algorithms start swarming below your feet, just to accomplish that “simple” task you came up with. From a user perspective, temptation to only let go of such a sophisticated device was high enough already. Therefore, we took a most spartan approach towards an utterly simple interface. MAIDENS’ user interface is comprised of these blocks: Menu: anchored to the top of the application in...

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Working With Generators

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The generators are the modules MAIDENS uses to create and process music. While each one has very specific qualifications, they are also similar in regard of their basic operation mode and handling. For the practical purpose of not duplicating information, generators were assorted and dealt with in clusters (read more on generators classification). This article covers the common handling of the generators — that is, the practical mouse clicks that make them work. I. Bindable generators At a conceptual level, in order to bring a bindable...

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Generator Modules Classification

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MAIDENS uses modules to generate and process music. These are known, generically, as generators. This is a convenience name, readily ignoring the fact that not all of these modules actually yield musical outcome. For the practical purpose of not having to re-document the basic operation mode of similar generators, we assort them by three main criteria: Binding: bindable or not bindable; I/O: input-output or output-only; Trigger: manually triggered or automatically triggered. Notes: In practice, you will only deal with one of four possible...

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The Atonal Line Generator

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Atonal Line is a free generator module, built-into the MAIDENS application. It is, historically-wise, the first generator ever shipped with the application, and is both feature-frozen and lengthily tested. Purpose Atonal Line generates a simple melodic line. It is intended to showcase a small portion of its commercial counterpart’s array of features. As the name implies, the generator is aimed at producing atonal (or freely tonal) melodies. Typology Atonal Line is a bindable, output-only, manually triggered generator (read more about...

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Generating Music In the Style of Claude Debussy

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We recently put together and published on YouTube a highly comprehensive demo, showing MAIDENS performing at its finest. In short, we create some music that resembles in style and sonority to music written by French composer Claude Debussy, using MAIDENS alone. We show how easy it is to program MAIDENS, and how little extra-musical knowledge you need to operate it — in our case, prior observation of Debussy’s music, and some common-sense music history info was all that we needed. Results are astounding, and the video is reasonably...

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