Call for Contributions

We currently seek funding for a full year of dedicated development. This is meant to bring the existing beta to the fully functional, commercial application.

We started a crowdsourcing campaign on Indiegogo, to raise 15,000 Euros until the 21st of September 2014. Please contribute now! Any sum can make a difference.

Help funding our next major development iteration of MAIDENS, and you gain lifetime discount coupons for all the commercial music generators we will launch. Discounts range from 2% to 100%, based on your contribution amount. The first such products planned to be released are Line Pro, Harmony Pro, Polyphony Pro and Score Architect Pro (they are described in great detail, in a dedicated article).

Other Ways You Can Help

There is very much you can do beside contributing! We reward you for every bit of interest and awareness you can raise about our project and campaign — just contact us, and let us know that you are helping. Some things you could do right away:

  • provide coverage for our project and campaign on blogs or similar media (either on your own blog, or on music/technology-related blogs you might be writing for);
  • share a link to this campaign on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social platform you might be using (the Indiegogo share tools on the campaign page can be of help);
  • download the beta of our software, play with it, then give us feed-back;
  • bring up the topic in your next pub, or party chat;
  • include music generated by MAIDENS in your next artistic project, and let your audience know about that — they will most likely find it cool;
  • just be around; having sympathetic people nearby worths all the money in the world;
  • contact us, and ask for other ways you could be of help.